Survivors, loved ones, and allies are always praying with you and for you while God Himself reaches out to you.


Spirit of Love 

I AM spirit.
I AM love.
I AM not just above.
I AM everywhere in everyone and everything you see.
Look carefully and believe, and YOU WILL see me.

I AM that gentle nudge of encouragement
when no one is there.
I AM that second wind that you needed
and begged for in prayer.
I AM what carries you on those days
when you thought you’d collapse.
I AM what calms and comforts you
just before power naps.
I AM inside you right now,
but you’re scared and can’t see.
Pray and believe, and YOU WILL see me.
I AM standing right here with arms open wide.
I AM crying as you continually hide.
I AM trying to love you in all that I do.
I AM trying to tell you that
I AM reaching out, but you just pull away and can’t see.
Look, pray and believe, and YOU WILL see me.