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Unconditional Love

God’s unconditional love, priceless faith, and infinite graces saved my life years ago and as recent as a few weeks ago.  Suffering from the worst depression I ever experienced, I struggled to keep my mind occupied, so I wouldn’t disappear into the darkness.  God shattered and disintegrated the bleak abyss that had been crushing my mind, senses, and spirit.

Before my major breakthrough that followed, mentioned in an earlier post (God’s Love is Always There for You), I listened to positive, upbeat songs to keep my spirit alive.  My favorite song being Katy Perry’s Unconditionally.  I believe she was inspired by God to write the lyrics because every single word is so full of pure love.  When you listen to the YouTube video below, you can feel the passion, compassion, and love.  I hope it brightens your day and lifts your spirits.  Most of all, I hope it reminds you of how much God truly loves you.

Empower Your Spirit in the God Zone

When athletes perform exceptionally, they talk about being in a zone which I call the “God zone.”  According to a February 19, 2010 article by the American Psychological Association, Dr. Shane Murphy says, “What’s fascinating is that we find that athletes often don’t need to be perfect to succeed.  Being in the “zone” isn’t about perfection as much as it is about staying in the moment, not worrying about failure, and not worrying about what the result might be.  I find every athlete to be unique in their approach to that “zone,” but they use some combination of psychological skills such as visualization, goal-setting, concentration, relaxation or mindfulness, psyching up, positive self-talk and developing a consistent routine in order to get there. Once they’re ready, they focus and let it happen. Their bodies are prepared to succeed – usually it’s the mind that can get in the way – if you let it.”

You’ve probably been in the situation when you were with someone preoccupied with the past or the future.  If you’re trying to love and support them, but they’re not spiritually with you in the present moment, there’s no way they can begin to accept your love and support.  The same holds true of our relationship with God.

I recommend you pray the words below, and I encourage you to add your own petition for a positive change in your life while you focus on being in the present moment with God.

The spirit of God lives and breathes inside me.
I breathe with the spirit.
I am one with the spirit.
I AM God’s spirit.

At all times and in all places, the spirit of God lives and breathes inside me.
I breathe with the spirit.
I am one with the spirit.
I AM God’s spirit.

The spirit of God empowers me with the strength to
[insert your greatest challenge here].
I breathe with the spirit.
I am one with the spirit.
I AM God’s spirit.

I also suggest you try making it a habit.  During a hectic day, I make it a point to pray these lines wherever I am, even in the bathroom after washing my hands which helps me calm down if I’m stressed and focus on the present moment.

Finding Me

Along with a lot of therapy, living the words of this poem helped me in my healing process.  I just wrote it tonight for you, and I hope it helps you find your healing path. 
Finding Me

Passion.  Compassion.  You deserve it and more!
Yet, spirit and human duality creates
Unlimited dilemmas in time and space
Follow me.  Learn from me.  Be authentic.  Be true.
What do I mean?  Essentially, just be you.
Not sure who you are or who you might be?
Write about the life you wish you could live
Then, keep writing until you find yourself in your words.
And one day, you'll find the real you when your spirit is heard.

How You Can Start Soothing Your Soul

In the early days of my healing, I decided since I didn’t have any close friends in town that I would have to be my own support system.  I read the bible every day, poetry, and books like The Power of Positive Thinking and attended church at least several times a week.  On index cards, I wrote bible quotes and positive sayings which I read a few times each day.  Without regular access to the internet, I focused on positive songs like Kelly Clarkson’s song Break Away when I heard them on the radio.  

I suggest you start thinking about building your own support system or supplementing your current one.  You also might want to consider creating your own book filled with everything that soothes your soul, like your affirmations or a photo of someone you love and maybe choose a title for it like Well Deserved Love.  You can use a notebook, journal, or a hardcover book with a blank cover found at art supply stores if you want to design your own cover.  Don’t make it a chore.  Have fun with it!  Get a little silly or go crazy like you did back when you had art in school when you were a kid.  Hey!  Maybe add some Silly Putty in there, too, if they even still make that anymore.  Enjoy!