Wondering How to Pray?

If you’re uncomfortable about praying, or if you’re unsure how to start.  You might want to consider this mnemonic suggestion.

Present Moment

1.   Present Moment:  Remain in the present moment.  We’ve all had a conversation with someone so absorbed in the past or the future that we felt like we were all alone.  When you catch yourself time traveling, imagine you’re having coffee or lunch with God at Starbuck’s.   Unlike the real world, you can control all the distractions which are your thoughts in this case.  When you find yourself wandering off, gently focus back on the present moment.

2.   Relax:  The whole idea is to begin or continue a relationship with God.  Remember, like your closest friends, God doesn’t want you stressing out about talking to him, so just relax.  Don’t worry.  Chill out.
3.   Attentive:  No one likes trying to have a serious conversation with someone when the other person is more interested in what’s going on at the next table.  Keep ignoring someone with whom you’re trying to develop a relationship, and you’ll go nowhere.

4.   Yearn:  God doesn’t want you to spend time with Him unless you do so freely.  Most people wouldn’t like spending time with someone who acts like they would rather be somewhere else and something tells me neither does God.  

Now it’s time to try it out.  There’s no time like the present moment.