My Imagination Prayer

Every morning I pray for crime victims who have lost their lives to child sexual violence, sexual assault, domestic violence, and all other violent crimes.  Then, I pray for survivors, loved ones, and all who serve them wholeheartedly like therapists, clergy, and nonprofit volunteers.  I ask God to bless them with justice, peace, and continued healing, so their legacy and their lives may far surpass their hopes and dreams.

I pray God shatters their darkness and melts away their uncontrollable and horrifying thoughts and emotions about their assault swirling around inside them torturing their every waking moment.  I ask Him to grant them rest for their weary bodies turned into war zones where they struggle to survive moment by moment knowing another agonizing flashback is coming soon.

I pray for God to melt away their misery along with their worldly fears, anxieties, and everything else that keeps them from Him.  I ask God to melt it all away and draw it to the center of the earth where it disintegrates into nothingness.  Then, I pray He melts their hearts with His sweet, gentle, overflowing love.  The kind of love that makes you cry after a long embrace from a dear loved one. 

I pray they finally hear Him softly whisper, “I love you.  You are mine.  I am here for you until the end of time.”  I imagine their hearts melt and tears well up as they also hear, “All you have to do is call out or speak to me in the silence of your heart.  And, when you don’t even have the strength to do that, just ache for me.  Close your eyes, look for me, and you will find me.  For I live inside you waiting for you to let me love you.  Let me love you.  Let me love you.  Let me love.”

Then, I imagine them opening their hearts and their eyes, and seeing God’s boundless world of all possibilities even if it’s pitch black.  I see their glowing face, and I know God has increased their faith, hope, and love in themselves, in their future, and in God himself.  I pray and imagine they remember this day and continue to grow in faith, hope, and love.  Then, one day soon, they realize they have surpassed their hopes and dreams, so it’s time to search for more and maybe reach out and support loved ones as they struggle with their own healing journey.