We donate a portion of all sales to nonprofits. By purchasing our books and other products, you can help ease the suffering of others like you, your loved ones, or those you serve.


Core Values

L   Love and respect our customers, each other, and everyone else

O   Open and honest corporate culture and business practices

V   Value our faith in our Creator while being inclusive of all faiths

E   Encourage others to love their Divinefulness, that is, your TRUE SELF empowered by God's love


Mission Statement

Our mission is to guide people of all faiths after life-altering experiences to love their Divinefulness, that is, your TRUE SELF empowered by God's love.


"The victory that conquers the world is our faith." (1 John 5:4)

Although quoted from the Bible, we believe people of all faiths can agree. Unfortunately, in the midst of our suffering, this universal truth often escapes us. During our darkest moments, we're drowning in our despair. We're struggling to save our lives and our sanity, and we can't or don't know how to pull ourselves out of the darkness to be able to reach out to God or anyone else. We feel that God and the entire world have abandoned us even though we know that God is always with us.

At Divinefulness Publishing, Inc., we hope that sharing our own victories will help you begin or continue your healing journey.

We agree to disagree about religion and beliefs, but we all agree on needing a God-centered, spiritual life. Whether you choose to call this all-powerful life force God, Adonai, or the divine creator by another name, is your choice. We are not here to judge but to love and support each other.


Ignite Your Spirit!