God is love and so are you!



Destiny, divinity

tell me what you mean to me

closed eyes lead to infinity

my endless possibilites

locked up deep inside of me.


Help me end this suffering

Lead me far away from me

Illusions I can't bear to see

Help me find the real me

Buried deep:  divinity.


Deny, deny or why do I

Believe I am my body or someone else’s word?

I see dead people have you heard?

Creeping, crawling, wailing, yawning,

pretending to be everything to

everyone, but they can't see they're dead.


Smothering their souls inside

They run away and try to hide,

so they won't have to feel the pain.

A candle running from a flame

Afraid they’ll melt and slip away


They live their lives not ever growing

and end up living: but never knowing

about a life pursuing dreams.

How sad and how depressing

They’ll never know what they are missing.


Destiny, divinity

Help me, please, be true to me

Cuz when I am, I’m truly free


I am one with God:  you see.

And then, he co-creates with me.


Destiny, divinity

tell me what you mean to me

closed eyes lead to infinity

my endless possibilities

locked up deep inside of me.

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Let God and trusted loved ones love you!


A Love Letter from God

Be still and know that I love you.

I will ALWAYS love you,

and nothing you’ve done

or will do can ever change that.


Your tears are my tears.

And your torments and heartaches

are mine, too.


Let me hold you in my arms

and cry with you.

Feel my love for you

in the warmth of your tears

for they come from me

because I live inside you.


Beneath the terror, numbness,

and exhaustion,

I lie there waiting for you to call on me.

Talk to me:  out loud, whisper, or speak to me

in the silence of your heart,

and I will always listen and comfort you:

know this and never doubt."


God loved you into life and pleads with you to love yourself.


Got Faith?


I’m praying aren’t I?

Look, I’m tired and confused,

and you’re all I’ve got right now.

Does that answer your question?


What are you confused about?

You.  Me.  Everything.

I love you.  What’s confusing about that?

What’s confusing is I feel like $#i+!


I feel like this is never gonna end.

I feel like I’m wasting my time.

I feel like nobody cares.

I feel like there’s no end to this nightmare.


I feel like what little faith I have is almost gone.

I feel like I’m not gonna make it.

I feel like I want to cry, but I can’t.

I feel like I won’t stop crying once I start.


Now, what are you gonna do?

Love you.

Honestly, that really doesn’t do anything for me.

Why not?



I don’t know.

Sure you do.

I said I DON’T KNOW.

Think about it.  Don’t you believe I love you?


I loved you in your mother’s womb.

I loved you even more when you were born.

I loved you when you lost your front teeth.

I loved you when you had your first crush.


I loved you when you first fell in love.

I loved you when he broke your heart.

I loved you when you hated yourself.

I loved you then, and I love you now.


Learn to love yourself,

and you’ll learn to love me.

As long as you don’t believe

that you deserve to be loved,

you won’t accept my love or anyone else’s.


Don’t give up.  I’ll NEVER give up on you.

Have faith.  I have faith in you.

If you don’t have any faith in yourself,

have faith in me, and ask for more faith.

All you have to say is:  Got faith?

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Survivors, loved ones, and allies are always praying with you and for you while God Himself reaches out to you.


Spirit of Love 

I AM spirit.
I AM love.
I AM not just above.
I AM everywhere in everyone and everything you see.
Look carefully and believe, and YOU WILL see me.

I AM that gentle nudge of encouragement
when no one is there.
I AM that second wind that you needed
and begged for in prayer.
I AM what carries you on those days
when you thought you’d collapse.
I AM what calms and comforts you
just before power naps.
I AM inside you right now,
but you’re scared and can’t see.
Pray and believe, and YOU WILL see me.
I AM standing right here with arms open wide.
I AM crying as you continually hide.
I AM trying to love you in all that I do.
I AM trying to tell you that
I AM reaching out, but you just pull away and can’t see.
Look, pray and believe, and YOU WILL see me.

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